Letting Objects Speak

Dear friends, you’re invited to join us this evening between 7:30-10pm for the opening of Letting Objects Speak, a testing ground intervention.

Presenting a range of video, objects and performance-based works, the artists in this exhibition employ an excavation framework to trace a journey of interpretation around extinction, colonisation, power and agency.

Emily Wood ← → Laura Durward
Jack Rooney ← → Juliette Hagg
謝詠雯 Wingman Erin ← → Sophie Giblin
Georgie Brinkman ← → Alex Wight

This is a testing ground project that will last 12ish hours. During the workshop the artists will come together, critique, co-curate and collaborate on a one night only exhibition. We’d love to show you the results of today.

SET, 76 – 89 Alscot Road, Bermondsey, London, SE1 3AW.

Sophie Giblin is the director of Kollektiv Gallery.

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