Today we launch our free A-Z manual

Press Release: Today Kollektiv Gallery give away their business model, by launching free A-Z manual for crowdfunding creative projects and opening pop-up galleries.

Kollektiv started-up in 2013 by recent Brighton art graduate, Sophie Giblin. Since then the online gallery has become an award winning project, with Caroline Lucas as their supportive patron. Kollektiv help early career artists to develop entrepreneurial skills, professionalism and collaboration. They host pop-up exhibitions and talks in empty shops and show artists how to crowdfund.

Today, Kollektiv publish a free online A-Z manual, giving away their business model for others to benefit from. The manual explains a number of topics from crowdfunding, to renting vacant spaces to connecting with the community in a creative way. With tips about publicity, optimising, curating and generating income too.

Sophie Giblin, Kollektiv’s creator says, “I’ve made our business model free and open source for others to benefit from our findings. To build flourishing creative communities, we should share experiences and collaborate rather than compete. So this our gift to others, we hope it comes in handy.”

Kollektiv’s A-Z manual is written by Sophie Giblin, presented through a simple interface made by Femur Design and designed with Sarah Todd, recent graphic design graduate from the University of Brighton.

Without further delay, let us introduce to you, our brand new A-Z manual.


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Sophie Giblin is the director of Kollektiv Gallery.

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