It Is What It Is – 6 day pop up gallery

Have you ever been offered a space to exhibit yours and your friend’s work for free? We were given a space just 5 days before we moved into the space. 5 days people. You might think organising a pop up exhibition in 5 days is crazy, and you’re right, it is.

This is what we do, this is how we roll. NO BUDGET. NO PREP. NO SWEAT. Thanks to the wonderful people at Pop-Up Brighton, Somewhereto_ and the nice owners of 104 Gloucester Road, who offered us a prime location in the city of Brighton.

Kollektiv’s creatives, old and new, came together Thursday. By Friday we had the workshops sorted, Saturday we tried not to think about it, Sunday we got the artwork together, Monday we moved in, and Tuesday we opened.

Thank you to our filmmaker Alex Dickson. Thank you to artists Amy Brown, Sarah Todd, Harry Mills, Holly Macdonald, Bettina Nem, Ashleigh Littlejohn, Nicole Poynter, John Bond, Amy Reardon, Victoria Green and Sophie Giblin.

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