K HEART W The collaborative music art event

After our first gallery in December, we wanted to thank the people who helped us get there. So we thought up a cool event about celebrating collaboration throughout the city. Wired Sussex’s innovation and entrepreneurship course which Kollektiv’s director Sophie went on helped her realise her dream.

So we hosted an event called K <3 W, which stands for Kollektiv <3 Wired Sussex. We got our friends from the record label, Love Thy Neighbour (which created the <3 in our event name) to put on some sweet bands, NYX, Abi Wade and A Lily. We were also blessed to have artists, Adam Moore, Amy Brown, Billy Mather from the first gallery to paint live murals all over Wired Sussex’s walls.

Thank you to everyone to helped organise the event, to everyone to came and to  Adam Hutchison who made this sexy little video.

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