Sophie Giblin is the founder of Kollektiv Gallery. Just two months after graduating from the University of Brighton in 2013 with a 1st Class Honours she began designing projects to improve artist’s rights, create positive change and make learning accessible for graduates in the arts.

She kicked off her career by rounding up groups of recent art graduates and running successful crowdfunding campaigns with them. She used the money raised to turn unloved and abandoned buildings, like a vacant butcher’s shop, into temporary public art spaces. As part of Kollektiv exhibited artworks, illustrations and sculptures by local artists, hosted talks and workshops.

Giblin continued her collaborative approach to open a second gallery and afterwards wrote a free online A-Z Manual outlining exactly how to crowdfund and open galleries in vacant spaces. For Giblin’s continued support and enthusiasm in the arts, she was awarded V Inspired’s ‘Most Outstanding Social Entrepreneur of the South East of England, 2013’ and was also made a national finalist. Caroline Lucas, former Green Party Leader in the UK, nominated Giblin for this award and also became Kollektiv Gallery’s supportive patron.

Having met hundreds of artists during the past three years, Giblin decided to record their stories and practices by visually interviewing them and publishing them through Kollektiv Gallery. The interview is made by asking 10 questions which the artists answer visually. She has published one per week for the last three years and to date has interviewed over 200 artists worldwide.


Thank you’s

Special thanks to every single Kickstarter backer from our two campaigns. Without you this website and whole initiative would not be possible.

Thank you also to Beepurple from the University of Brighton for funding our second gallery and for the continued support you give to early career innovators.

And of course, the artists, designers, makers, writers, musicians and contributors to Kollektiv Gallery. You inspire me everyday. You are the reason for this project.

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