Sophie Giblin is the founder of Kollektiv. After graduating from the University of Brighton in 2014 she began designing an infrastructure to create work opportunities and residencies for artists, encouraging more education around artist’s rights and learning to redevelop unloved buildings in the city into public art space.

Kollektiv has opened multiple temporary art galleries and published a free online A-Z Manual outlining exactly how to crowdfund and open galleries in vacant spaces. Sophie was awarded VInspired’s ‘Most Outstanding Social Entrepreneur of the South East of England, 2013’ and made a national finalist. Caroline Lucas, former Green Party Leader in the UK, nominated Giblin for this award and also became Kollektiv’s supportive patron.

Thank you’s

Special thanks to every single Kickstarter backer. Without you we couldn’t have paid the rent of our three galleries, this website and whole initiative would not be possible. University of Brighton for funding our second gallery and for the continued support you give to early career innovators. Wellington City Council and New Zealand Government for funding Cyber Nectar Art Festival. Sarah Todd and Luke Phillips for their joint effort designing and building this website. Wired Sussex, Spacemakers, Fusebox for your continued mentoring and moral support. And of course, every single artist, designer, maker, writer, musician, filmmaker and contributor to Kollektiv Gallery. You’re the reason for this project.


“Kollektiv Gallery is much more than a gallery. It’s a platform for a unique and valuable learning experience in the world of crowdfunding, curating and selling art.” Amy Brown, Kollektiv Alumni

“Kollektiv has been a huge eye opener for me and a real great opportunity to learn and discover what’s possible. Taking part and Sophie’s guidance has given me the confidence to pursue my own venture.” Alessandra Chambers, Kollektiv Alumni

“Kollektiv provides opportunities and advice to both established and aspiring artists. Operating on the principles of DIY but to a professional standard.” Billy Mather, Kollektiv Alumni

“For me, Kollektiv meant gaining confidence and a chance to build experience with clients and the public. After university there was a feeling of uncertainly in my career. Taking part in Kollektiv enabled me to see the light at the end of the academic tunnel and keep active in the art world. ” Finola Maynard, Kollektiv Alumni

“Kollektiv equals confidence. You think ‘I can’t do it’ and then learn ‘yes, yes I can and it’s going to be awesome’.” Holly Macdonald, Kollektiv Alumni

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