Kollektiv Gallery was founded in 2013 and is directed by Sophie Giblin and Luke Phillips who currently reside in London.

Please email for information on talks, workshops and picture interviews.

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“Kollektiv Gallery is much more than a gallery. It’s a platform for a unique and valuable learning experience in the world of crowdfunding, curating and selling art.” Amy Brown, 2013 Kollektiv Alumni

“Kollektiv has been a huge eye opener for me and a real great opportunity to learn and discover what’s possible. Taking part and Sophie’s guidance has given me the confidence to pursue my own venture.” Alessandra Chambers, 2013 Kollektiv Alumni

“Kollektiv provides opportunities and advice to both established and aspiring artists. Operating on the principles of DIY but to a professional standard.” Billy Mather, 2013 Kollektiv Alumni

“For me, Kollektiv meant gaining confidence and a chance to build experience with clients and the public. After university there was a feeling of uncertainly in my career. Taking part in Kollektiv enabled me to see the light at the end of the academic tunnel and keep active in the art world. ” Finola Maynard, 2014 Kollektiv Alumni

“Kollektiv equals confidence. You think ‘I can’t do it’ and then learn ‘yes, yes I can and it’s going to be awesome’.” Holly Macdonald, 2014 Kollektiv Alumni

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