Death By Gallery – Closing party

Tuesday 27th May 2014, our 6 week ‘Death By Gallery’ exhibition in Brighton came to an end. To celebrate the night we hosted Andy Felton’s PAPER PLANES workshop. KLDSCP DJs and Tengreenbottle delicious wines.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved, We Are Pop Up for helping us find a space. University of Brighton and Beepurple for funding us through The Santander Enterprise awards. Kickstarter and everyone who donated, without YOU, non of this would have happened. Thank you also to The Association of Illustrators and Charlie Davies who gave professional talks and workshops. Lick frozen yoghurt for giving away free froyo at our exhibition. Of course thank you to Adam Hutchison who made this awesome film and accompanying music.

“The early career artists involved have worked every day for three months to make this project happen. Well done to all the artists who came on board the project. You funded, exhibited and taught workshops in a gallery that you transformed. YOU made Death By Gallery come to life. Thank you so much for everything you have contributed.” Sophie Gibkin, Kollektiv’s Founder


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