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#203 Darvish Fakhr

I am a half Iranian, half American multidisciplinary artist living and working in Brighton. I create gentle civic disruptions in an attempt to smuggle a ‘lightness of being’. My mediums include, oil paint, tai-chi, hip-hop, trampolines, roller-skates and flying carpets. I am influenced by Sufism and aim for a quality of internal liberation through external movements. 

Darvish Fakhr most recent works include improvised sight specific movement at both London and Los Angeles Frieze Fairs. Select pieces in this interview were made in collaboration with Brighton based photographer, Hugh Fox.


Exercise your surroundings.


How might your physical body interact with your socio-political environment?
Set an intention


Are you conscious of your choice between horizontal and vertical?


Define a symbolic border.


What is the catalyst?


What are your internal objectives and how does this determine your external response to the stimuli?


How does your practice reflect your ancestry?




What was your trajectory from painting to movement?

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