Fast Art

Fast Art is a speedily paced, creative entrepreneurship workshop, where teams must start, finish and sell a project in under 2 hours. Fast Art lovingly forces us to trust our gut, let go of expectations and pay homage to the ingenious child inside each of ourselves. The workshop smashes up the usual agile-innovation techniques, allows us to act on raw instinctive decision making and physical creation, whilst reigniting a love for idea generation, team spirit and face-to-face selling.

During the unusual 90’s gameshow setup, the teams must either:

    1. Race to use Fast Art’s failing currency to negotiate materials from an overpriced shop assistant on site. This option is highly recommended for young people and schools.
    2. Create a budget by donating real money to the team banker. Use this tiny budget to borrow and buy minimal materials from the near by shops. A truly excellent experience for company teams.
    3. Come to the reality that all financial sources have run dry.. that’s right, there’s no money left. Be inventive and use a charming smile to beg for, or steal materials. Suitable for extremely creative people and students.

With limited time, the idea must be turned into a product, piece of art, performance, game or experience ready to be sold to the public.

Disclosure: teams returning to the base with leftover products, will be disqualified.

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