Who are you, where are you: Jordana Bragg

Jordana Bragg is the multi-disciplinary artist, writer and curator in digital residence with Lokal Stories during July to October 2016. This interview between Sophie and Jordana marks the end of the project’s research and the beginning of the physical creation phase.

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Self portrait courtesy of the artist, Lokal Stories video shoot.

Who are you?
A nice person, presumably 

Where are you?
In the bath, (edited in bed)

What are you thinking?
My body still looks like a foreign landscape to me at this angle (looking down while, lying down), especially under water. But it’s the only angle ive got to see myself with, without a mirror or a camera, so okay. Also, how do I answer the next question.

What scares you?
Open bodies of water, sometime my thoughts, sometimes my feelings, sometimes my lack of thought, sometimes my lack of feeling, airplanes, heights, probably you, probably me, probably us

How can we practice self care?
Remember this is an on-going process, the point of this is not to feel good all the time, you do not have to feel worse about feeling bad, or feel bad about feeling good, if you do not want to. Remember everything you do is small somewhere to someone else, and that to ask for help is a beautiful thing. Run a bath, do things you like to do, and remember not everyone will get to do these things as easily, or ever, or understand you, or why you like to do these things. Learn to go quiet, to be okay with being alone, explore your mind and try not to be afraid of what you find there. Learn to listen closely, be present, gentle and attentive with yourself and others. Cry if you want to.

What does digital togetherness mean to you?
Nothing really

How can we be a good ally online?
Be supportive when and where you are still able to support yourself. 

What does the ocean and water mean to you?
A lot of things. The symbolic potential for emotional depth and fluidity might be two things. Rain is beautiful and romantic and sad and like tears which are also all those things, that would be a few more. 

The ocean seems to me to be mimetic of the Internet, as both the greatest of divides and an endless source of possibly for connection. 

The average adult human body, whatever that is, is comprised of 57-60% water, the percentage of water in infants is higher, typically, what ever that means, 75-78% water. Water as part of the body and as sustenance for all living things seems important, I’m always really impressed by people who remember to carry water bottles around everywhere.

How does this collaboration feel?
Currently, like it would if we were passing notes to each other in the back of class.

What do you want to do next?
Preferably go to sleep at a reasonable hour.

What will you take on our digital-less retreat?
shoes, socks, underwear, binder, coveralls, jumpsuit, jacket, sunglasses, tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, gum, snacks, beer, cigarettes, money, books, camera (if not prohibited due to its digital nature), a pencil, a bag, a lighter, a torch, a towel, brick mold, cement mix, small spade, house keys.

What do you want to achieve during this collaboration?
To work for and with individuals and organisations already working for and with, queer youth, survivors, wahine, and other marginalised groups in Aotearoa. 

To co-lead a well informed open discussion of my own experiences, and, in turn, to be able to apply this as an offer of useful insight.

To produce a discursive, self reflexive, body of work in response to all action taken and discussion had. 

To be better equipped to offer support and to share useful resources available to benefit mental, spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing.

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