#155 Federico De Cicco

Federico is an illustrator based in Brighton, UK. All his works are made by hand using inks and acrylics, and often a combination of the two. These materials have a tendency to leave serendipitous speckles and marks, encouraging him to create elaborate patterns, like a rough sea or an outer space. In the last few years he has focused mainly on the creation of editorial images for magazines as well as on poster designs, often communicating ideas linked to social or environmental issues. At the same time, he also produces more experimental images based on personal projects or when taking part in art exhibitions.

Show us something dirty.

1 picture interview- dirty 2


What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?

2 picture interview- risk


Tell us about your ancestry.

3 picture interview- ancestry 4


What gives you joy?

4 picture interview- joy 3


What are you fighting for?

5 picture interview- fight


What is your favourite sense?

6 picture interview- sense


What intimidates you?

7 picture interview- intimate


Please create a portrait of me.

8 picture interview- portrait 3


Where is your resting place?

9 picture interview- resting place 2


Look to the future, what do you see?

10 picture interview- future

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