#201 Justine Erika

I’m Justine Erika, a visual artist and teacher from South London, navigating positivity through the art hustle, whilst keeping it real and staying true. I love a variety of creative mediums, however I have a true passion and appreciation for music, photography and style. Come find me on my every day travels at @everydaylivingincolour


How does it feel to be you?

Yellow collage with portrait of Justine


If you could go back and reassure the younger you about something, what would it be?

Pink text on yellow poster


Where is your cosy place?

Home it where the art is Album


What would you put in a bottle thrown to sea to be found in 200 years time?

Postcard in front of plant


What is it about this city that keep you here?

Portrait in London


What the most realistic feeling you know?

Relaxing on a silky couch


Where do you want to be right now?

Amsterdam guide book


Predict your future.

There is more painting


Do the stakes feel like they’re getting higher?

stakes is high album


Ask yourself a question.

what is going on

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