Do you ever feel really porous online like ur completely exposed?

Hana: Do you ever feel really porous online like ur completely exposed like you’re naked?


Question 1

Jordana: Bodily, how does being online feel to you?

Hana: It feels like I’m fragmented, but I feel very transparent. I like to recontextualise small fractions of myself by blurring images or rather my memories into a stream of consciousness. I feel often like I don’t truly exist, as though nothing really exists. I think a lot about my blood being like the electrical and cellular currents vibrating around me.

Hana: Do you see your phone as an extension of your body?


Question 2

Jordana: How do you feel about me? and/or How do you feel about yourself?

Hana: I’m sorry but I can’t stop thinking about how you’re a triplet and thinking about my body carrying three babies. You are very elusive. I wonder sometimes if we are really friends and whether you will miss me after this project, but then again I’m very paranoid. I still feel very raw and extremely porous. I feel out of control of my body and as though I’m broken and unfixed. I feel the most vulnerable a and honest I’ve ever been. I feel weightless like I’ll float away.

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