Being in someone else’s bedroom, Jordana Bragg

This interview with Jordana Bragg marks the end of a two week social media experiment, where Hana and Jordana took turns in taking over the Lokal Stories Instagram and Twitter as a conceptual medium for communicative solitary.


What happened during the last two weeks when you took over the Lokal Stories social media accounts?
In the first week Hana and I gained access to the Lokal Stories social media, Hana the Twitter and myself the Instagram, (Sunday 14 – Sunday 21, August).

In the second week, (Sunday 21 – Sunday 28) we switched places.

The Twitter felt like being in someone else’s bedroom. With Hana having stayed the first week, throwing herself and everything else in the bedrooms against the walls, as preemptive to my visit in the second week wherein I would set everything on fire.

What did you post on Instagram and why?
On Instagram I posted five brief videos:

Two of myself in the dark, (lit pink by my laptop) listening to Icona Pop- I Love it,

One of myself in the dark, (lit blue by my laptop)  listening to Lana Del Rey- Blue Jeans,

One of myself in the dark, (lit red by my laptop) listening to Ariana Grande- Knew Better/Forever Boy,

One of myself in daylight walking in a carpark with flowers between my toes,

And, because the week was a slow burning perpetual panic attack and seeing my body somewhere else where others could see it too made me feel safe, omnipresent.

How many of Hana’s tweets did you delete?
Approximately 1500

Why do you delete everything you post?
Why doesn’t everyone else?

After your turn, both accounts were contentless, however you left traces with a profile picture and cover photo, why?
I had thought to turn the profile images dark blue black before leaving, as if the lights were off. But a slab of dark blue black pixels isn’t nothing, so I just left it as I had changed it, because I had been there and there was no denying it.

Explain what your title Cyber Nectar means to you.
Roy Ascott, in response to recent developments in new media art, coined the term Moist Media,

Cyber Nectar is a response to, and a subtle reinvention of the term, on my own terms, with both Moist Media and Cyber Nectar being where (dry) computational systems and (wet) living biologies converge.

Cyber is supposedly cold, dry, without a body. Nectar is the body, hot, wet, fertile. Sweat, blood, tears, a dissemination of DNA through addictive enticement.



Photograph courtesy of Jordana Bragg, “a photo I took the day Hana and I first met to discuss the project.”


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